My name is Eugene Lakinsky. I was born in Odessa, the city in the southern part of Ukraine, near the Black Sea. Sinse the 8th of Septebmer, 2000 I live in Canada (Quebec) : first in Montreal, then in Sherbrooke, then in Montreal again, and finaly in Quebec city.

I have a Master Degree in Information Studies from the University of Montreal's School of Library and Information Studies.

I also have a Diploma in Computer Sciences (equiv. of B.Sc.) from the Odessa Polytechnic University and the Graduate Diploma (DESS) in Computer Sciences from the University of Montreal. I had had several internarships in Radiobiological and Bioinformatic research in the Centre of Clinical Research and the Centre of Functionnal Genomics of the University of Sherbrooke.

For some years, I worked as a part-time journalist in various Odessa’s newspapers : "Yug" ("The South"), "Porto-Franco", "Odessky Vestnik", etc..

My hobbies are : writing, reading (mostly on historic and ethnographic topics) and travelling.


Eugene Lakinsky


Mes photos (l'an 2000)
My photos, year 2000


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